If I don’t find a certain fabric on the website anymore?

We have a changing range of fabrics, as we are dependent on fashion. If additional delivery is possible, it is mentioned.
If you do not find the fabric anymore, it is not available and can’t be bought anymore.

How do I choose the right size for my dog?

Based on the weight of your darling, you can select the right size of your “Herzstück”.
For breeds with a lot of fur and breeds with short legs, we recommend to size up half a size.

For example: If your dog is a size S based on its weight and he is a Dachshund we suggest an SM.
But we are always there for you to help you individually to find the right size for your dog.
Don’t hesitate to call us and we will find the right size together.

The specifications in “cm” refer to the size of the bag, they do not refer to the “resting surface” inside the bag.
As each “Herzstück” is made individually according to your choice, materials and additional equipment vary and an exact measurement of the resting place inside cannot be given.
Please orient yourself on the weight of your dog.

Why does the production of an Isarhund - product take 30 business days?

Each order is made individually based on your wishes. Every step in the production of your „Herzstück“ is done by hand in our studio.
It taken time to create your very own piece.

How to use giftcards and codes?

As part of campaigns, cooperation with breeders et cetera we distribute coupon codes. Some of them will be temporary.
You can use the code in your shopping cart only once. Discounts can’t be combined.

Is getting redirected to another page during the ordering process normal?

Yes, this is normal, because you get redirected to our payment service provider.
They ensure a safe and encrypted payment of your order.

Can I change something about my order after it is placed?

If you want to change your order, please contact us shortly after placing it.
Just send us an e-mail with your order number or invoice number and the request for change.
A change will only be possible a few days after ordering. Later, we won’t be able anymore to implement your changes.

What payment methods are available?
We offer PayPal and pre-payment.

Why does the color of my selected fabric look different in real life than on the picture?

Due to the light conditions while taking pictures of the products and due to different screen settings on different screens the colors may look slightly different from how they really are.

What to do, if I have a problem with my order or a reclamation?

If it should happen that you have complaints about something, we kindly ask you to contact us via e-mail.
We will do everything possible to make you and your fourlegged friend a 100% happy.

Can I order a separate inlay afterwards?

The application of a zipper in to your „Herzstück“ is a special custom made step. We always choose the optimal fitting zipper for every piece.
Therefore we get our zippers from multiple suppliers. A subsequent order isn’t possible.
If you want to order an additional inlay, you have to choose it during the ordering process. There is an option available in the configurator.

Am I able to convert my already existing “Herzstück“ in to a “traveler “or get an additional inlay?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. Zippers and press studs already have to be placed during the process of making your „Herzstück“.
It is not possible to add them afterwards.

Can I order a replacement “traveler”- cover?

We can produce new “traveler”- covers for „Herzstücke“ made in 2020 or later. For pieces made before 2020 we sadly cannot offer replacement covers, because they
were custom made for every article and not yet standardized.

Just write us an e-mail with your order-number and we will be happy to make you an extra cover, if possible.