Our philosophy

isarhund ueber unsIt is of our utmost concern that you and your dog get the perfect product from Isarhund.
We take all the time you need for complimentary guidance to make sure you get the exact right product for your darling.

Isarhund tries to ensure everything possible for a long-lasting happiness with your choice of product.
3 to 4 times a year we visit specialized fairs to buy new fabrics for ever changing new variations of our “Herzstücke”.
You will find us on dog-fairs and exhibitions all over Germany. There you can experience us and our products live.

There are a few dealers, who have our products already included in their range of goods.
We are working to enlarge this circle of selected dealers, to make it possible for you to shop our products in your neighborhood.

You will find the dealers under the respective header.
A facebook group called “Isardhund Hundedesign Community” already exists.
There you can meet other “Isarhund-people”, post pictures of your darling or discuss with
each other.

Isarhund - About us

My name is Sandra. I am the proud mother of 4 wonderful sons and the happy mom of little Sighthounds.
Besides Isarhund my passion are Italian Greyhounds. 7 years ago these little gremlins have taken my heart by storm.

Nowadays 5 Italian Greyhounds live with us.
Let me introduce the “Isardogs”: 
Palomino, Leopold, Levente, Jadis and Finja.

isarhund windhunde

You can visit our Italian Greyhounds on Instagram: Isarhund_Iggys

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The history of Isarhund

I am asked often if I am a tailor – no, I am a businesswoman through and through. I have learned how to sew from my grandmother – it became my passion.
I sewed for my children and then of course for my Italian Greyhounds. As it happens often in live, things add up and my hobby evolved 2016 in to my little factory.

I was born in Munich, and I am a real “Münchner Kindl” - of course my label had to have a connection to my beloved Bavarian City.
That's how the label “Isarhund” was born.

2016 we created our dog-travel-bag, which fast became our main product, the “heartpiece” of our collection, therefore its name “Herzstück”.
Since our foundation, we are growing continuously.
Already many dogs all over the world nestle down happily and relaxed in our “Herzstücke”.

Isarhund with its products is a registered trademark.